The Crawford Family Delivery Story

The Crawford family excitedly greeted our delivery team at the front door with huge smiles and hugs.  Four generations of women were in the house, from grandma to great granddaughter; all standing in the kitchen in joyful conversation (holding the littlest who was just 2 years old).  As each new bed was brought in the women shouted with gratitude and surprise at how great it was to finally have the much needed beds, the new kitchen table, a sofa and dressers in their home.  Even after 45 minutes of bringing in the final piece and building the last bed frame they still gushed with gladness.  And as our team prayed over their family, holding hands and asking for God’s presence and provision to rest on that household, it was obvious that they already knew that God had them in the fold of his robe providing each daily need. When our delivery team began to leave, the second youngest of the women (maybe 20), ran out to the truck and asked if she could briefly write a word of praise on the inside of the BFK truck alongside all the words of scripture and blessing written their before.  It was her “mark” to remember just how God had revealed his greatness to her family on that regular Monday.

God is Good