Summer Blog Post – Elon Homes

Hello! What a few months it has been. While we have had so much happen recently we wanted to wait until today to tell you about this one particular story.

On Friday, June 16th we had the privilege to help set up furniture for Elon Homes new foster care facility for young men. As some of you may know, a recent law has passed which changed the year of care for foster children from 18 to 21. This has many benefits for those in the system, such as an opportunity to receive more education (the facility is located next to Johnson C. Smith University) and an opportunity to be better prepared for the world outside. We were honored that over 40 volunteers came out to assist us in moving the furniture into the rooms, 32 young men will now have a bed, dresser, armoire, and desk of their own in their time spent at Elon. We are all excited to see the good that comes out of this, and were blessed to be a part of this progress.

A fun fact for you all today; according to Guinness World Records, the world’s largest bed was 86ft. 11in. long and 53ft. 11in. wide, and was made in the Netherlands in 2011. That’s larger than our entire office area!

Current Top 5 Needs

Bedding (Especially Queen)


Kitchen Chairs


Coffee/End Tables