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End-to-end type safety for less bugs, dependency upgrades, and updates to the volunteering page.
v5 release! Yay! This version rewrites a lot of the backend of the site, and makes it a lot snappier. The donate page is improved with autofill for addresses, and there are lots of fun things going on in the admin panel and referral portal that most of y'all will never see :)
Impact report home page takeover until March 31st, 2023.
Added a new section to who-we-are with information on the board of directors.
New dashboard for donors and referral partners! This will be open to the public soon! Also reverts to the old landing page.
Overhaul to the site's backend code, allowing it to run 4x faster and load images 8x faster than before!
New landing page for the Hope for Homes fundraiser until the end of the year.
Added the ability to donate monthly! You can now log into the dashboard as well, which will allow you to see your donation history and manage your subscriptions.
Added address collection to the donate page so that we can send y'all thank you notes and tax receipts! Also added EIN, 501(c)(3) and 990 documents to the Who We Are page.
Switched to Stripe for donations! This means Beds for Kids can now accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Bank Account wirings!
Added a sitemap! Planning on getting some serious SEO going soon!
A complete reworking of the entire frontend, in collaboration with SideKick Web Studio. The technology stack stayed the same, but the frontend was completely redesigned, and a significant amount of new information was added to the site.
A quick hotfix on a bug that broke certain donation-related functions.
Remade the home page to have more information on it as a placeholder for the complete site rewrite.
Complete rewrite of the Beds for Kids website. This version is written using NextJS 12 and TailwindCSS 3. This version primarily reimplements the existing function such as contact and donate.

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